Message From CEO AND G.M

NAIFQIBLAN Commercial possesses a proven performance history in executing projects across Riyadh and Neighboring Cities.Theatre of operations in addition to extensive experience in civil construction, material testing and transportation within Saudi Arabia.
NAIFQIBLAN was established with the Aim of helping the construction industry in their assignments and projects by renting a manpower, transport and heavy equipments. Development is based on the quality and network of infrastructure. After conducting the market study, it was decided to give our input in development of country's infrastructure by giving machinery and manpower on rent and grow ourselves accordingly. The NAIFQIBLAN has touched several success pillars with certain values such as the safety, integrity, leadership, teamwork and personal accountability. Though NAIFQIBLAN is recognized as one of the industry leaders in the sphere of commercial and industrial sectors, yet we continuously strive to improve our stature further and satisfy the clients. Successful completion of projects, in my opinion, is the result of close collaboration between the customers and our company. Our departments are Working within the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), devised to achieve Optimal results. I would love to share more information and would like to discuss if you have something to share. I can be reached at

Message From General Manager

Since its establishment in 1994, NAIFQIBLAN has experienced rapid development from scale, market, scope of services and other perspectives, and become a high-tech enterprise in logistics and construction fields including all type of vehicles and machinery.
Our company sustains its growth with the rapidly increasing market share and brand value in the explosive sector of our country. Although we are one of the youngest company in the explosive sector, having dynamic, strong and experienced management and sales & marketing team underlie the radical change and the success which we have created in the market. Team spirit and thought global but act local (glocal) capability of us makes our company unique and provides competitive advantage to us. Our experienced team provides sustainable added value with putting classic dealer-customers understanding aside and they will be with you whenever you need. For this purpose, all of our personnel are at your disposal in the light of our vision, mission and values which we have written by feeling deeply. We as NAIFQIBLAN are going to continue our new investments, and also maintain our works to be a source of pride of our country and the sector in export field. My special thanks and warmest affections & regards for their valuable contribution and trust they have given notably to our employees, suppliers, business partners as well as all our stakeholders who have contributed their efforts in this journey which the steps we have taken turning into to our success. Hope to achieve many successes together

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